Presenters Agreement

Presenters Agreement

Everyone from makers to vendors are responsible for reading and agreeing to this agreement before signing up AND reviewing this document for changes the week before the event. 

Any Maker, Makerspace, Vendor, or anyone representing a group on site outside of attendees are considered presenters. 

Presenters must comply with these rules, guidelines and requirements to comply with insurance, event center requirements, law, and SnoCo Makerspace rules. None of these requirements shall supersede law. 

Presenters will follow all applicable city of Everett, state of Washington and federal laws. 

Presenters will limit themselves to the activities represented in their application. 

Presenters will not lobby or promote any religious or political entity. 

Presenters must not harass or use confrontational language with any other person staff, or visitor at the event. 

Presenters may not use sexual, lewd, foul, or degrading language while inside of the arena; this is a family friendly event. 

Presenters will not bring in, nor distribute food or drink into the venue; The Angel of the Winds Arena prohibits outside food and drink. 

Presenters must not bring in items that will present any significant amount of heat, nor fire.

Presenters must ensure they do not have items which may inadvertently cause harm to attendees. 

 Presenters must keep their booth within the parameter of their booth and may not block booths around them. 

Presenters may not smoke, nor vape, or use any type of electronic smoking device in the building. 

Presenters must comply with all rules and regulations of the arena. 

Presenters must take every caution in protecting the furniture, walls, chairs, and flooring of the arena space. 

Presenters must completely clean up after themselves and pack their garbage out of the arena. Limited garbage is available for attendees only. 

Presenters must not bring in pets, nor animals to the limit of the law .Service animals as described by are allowed. We request the information as allowed as noted on the site. 

Presenters agree to be held liable for damages related to any of their activities and will immediately vacate the premises if they are asked by any organizer of the Maker Faire event.